Consultant's diary: At Meltlake, the person is at the center of everything

Data Engineer meltlake

I've been at Meltlake for a couple of months and at least one thing has become clear to me. At Meltlake, we always want to place people at the center of everything we do. We want to make the world a better place for everyone through purposeful daily actions.

An inspiring job advertisement and an interesting organizational description connected me and Meltlake

In May 2022, I received an interesting offer to join Meltlake. I saw an interesting job advertisement on Meltlake's website and Meltlake was looking for a Business Intelligence consultant who wanted to come and create added value for partners from the perspective of data, analytics, and organizational development. I got excited about this opportunity and decided to submit the job application. Very soon I received a contact about an interview invitation, which I was extremely excited about. The interview phase consisted of two phases, where in the first round we got to know each other from many different angles during a casual conversation.

In the second round, we have been delved more concretely into my own expertise and how I would fit into the Meltlake community and cooperation with partners. The process was really meaningful for the applicant, clearly putting people first and conversation was very informal. However, I think the best thing from the applicant's point of view was that things progressed quickly and there was not really such a long wait. Meltlake made a good first impression on me during the recruitment process, which is usually the first contact with a new potential job and work community.

At Meltlake, we get down to business - things are taken care of immediately and not left to incubate for lengthy periods of time.

Meltlake is putting a lot of effort into making the new expert feel welcome and that all relevant and necessary information for orientation is easily available. During the orientation, I not only got information about what is currently available or what has been done, but we also focused on the future. Where does Meltlake want to be? What does it want to achieve? What is Meltlake needed for now and even more in the future? Dealing with these in a very concrete way opened for me what I can be a part of and what significance my work contains.

The house is full of experts with high competence, from whom I have learned a lot in matters related to work and technology. You also do not have to be alone in projects and your own work. Your colleagues are there whenever you need help and support. I have also noticed that at Meltake, things are not only "done" day after day. Meltlake genuinely wants to leave room for the thinking work of individual experts as well as invest in critically examining and reforming the organization's own ways of working.

During my time at Meltlake, I have noticed that when it has been decided to do something, it rarely remains only at the level of thought work. People are ready to take quick actions step by step for achieving high-set goals. Whether it was project-related issues, internal development, organizing events, or something else. In addition, things are tried to do with high quality, which I like very much, and each expert is given space to realize himself / herself, bring out his skills and is given space to try new ways of working. One of the most important things I have learned from Meltlake is that you should never stop trying new things. That is the only way both the organization and the expert stay fresh. It is clearly also Meltlake's way of keeping up with the times and as an energetic organization.

At Meltlake, everyone can participate in internal development alongside customer projects

At Meltlake, the growth journey is only at the beginning, but we still get to do very interesting projects together. At the same time, we are also enabled to participate in internal development - whether it is about the development of operating methods, creating a common spirit, organizing events or anything else that can move activities and a common spirit forward. The background idea of all internal development is the person. When the expert feels good and gets the best tools for his/her work, even better projects can be built and made for partners.

Investing in the expert's well-being can also be seen, for example, through employment benefits. In addition, the whole set of employment benefits is constantly being developed and experts are openly asked for their opinion on questions and themes that concern them. For example, we have been able to openly influence the new employee benefit packages that are being further developed. Generally, in many organizations, matters related to the employment relationship and benefits have come as a "given".

I am positively surprised by the number of internal events during these couple of months, with these events we have been able to spend time among the community to get to know each other better. Events are organized both among the teams and the entire organization, and the range of events has been comprehensive, from business events to informal hanging out. I also got the opportunity to participate in FutuCamp, the highlight of the year organized at the whole Futurice level, which offered an excellent opportunity to get to know and network with the rest of the Futurice community. FutuCamp is Futurice's annual summer party, which includes a program of events from many angles and the possibility to spend leisure time with Futurice family members.

Internal development also excites me a lot and it has been really nice to be in projects where we improve Meltlake's way of working and thinking, so that we can be worthy of the trust our partners have placed in us now and in the future. Internal development projects have also been a great opportunity to become a better part of the community and get to know colleagues. In the field of internal development and renewal, the pace is only accelerating even more.

Meltlake's focus is on today, but even stronger in the future

Meltlake wants to invest heavily in the vitality of its own corporate culture. The desire to stand out, to do things as well as possible, to create added value for partners, to invest in people and, above all, to build a better place in the world for all of us are the drivers that, in my opinion, very strongly guide the methods of operation and decisions that are made at Meltlake. What is also worth noting is that Meltlake is willing to spend a lot of time and resources on the learning and self-development of the experts. Here, the aim is also to ensure that the knowledge and skills of the experts are widely used by the organization and various projects.

Despite my short time here, I have already been involved in many projects. From the point of view of a new expert, this has been a really interesting journey so far and I can't wait for what the future will bring.


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