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If freedom and autonomy, low hierarchy, fair compensation, modern ways of working, continuous learning and talented co-workers make you shine, keep on reading!

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Why choose Meltlake?

Talented professionals in our industry have plenty of options to choose from these days. We do not promise the moon, but our humble goal is to make Meltlake the best possible workplace for leading experts in their field.

It all comes down to talented individuals who enjoy what they do. We work together and actively measure our success. We take happiness at work seriously and give everyone an equal chance to participate in creating the best possible workday experience.

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Our kind of workplace

We believe in openness, shared opportunities to influence work and everyone's right to come to work exactly as who they are. You get to build Meltlake as a workplace together with 30 top experts in their field.

Rewarding projects

Our clients range from global listed companies to bigger national players and from the private sector to public projects. You have a say in the projects we carry out and the projects you want to participate in.

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Work-life balance

Our work is demanding and can sometimes take a toll on our minds. But life is about much more than just work. We look out for our own and our colleagues’ workload so that you also have time and energy for your family, friends and hobbies or whatever it is that is important to you.

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Personal development

We share a desire to grow and develop, both as a team and as individual experts. We actively share our knowledge both within the organisation and at industry events. Meltlake° Personal Development Framework provides a platform and support for your professional growth.

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All employee benefits for everyone

All our employees within the same country enjoy the same benefits, regardless of their job title or duties. These benefits includes top-notch benefits such as occupational healthcare, bicycles, and wide insurances to cover also freetime activities and travelling.

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We work together

We find it more enjoyable and productive to work as a team rather than toil away individually. Because of this, you will not be just an impressive CV in an offer, but you can participate in the sales process and work on projects in pairs or with a team. Cooperation is power!

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Towards a sustainable tomorrow

We embrace the principles of sustainable business. We will probably never be done in this respect, but we are committed to making sustainable choices for tomorrow, every day.

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Meltlake° Excellent Employee Experience

More commonly known as the MEEE Committee engages our personnel in internal decision-making and development, in addition to organising events to cheer up the day both locally and remotely.

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Modern office in a central location

Our office is located in Kamppi, Helsinki, with excellent transport links. You get to choose where you want to work –remotely, in the office, or both inside the country's borders you are employed.


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About us

We help our clients tackle the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment and enable more with less while making business more sustainable and profitable.

We work internationally as part of the Futurice Group, which is known for its award-winning working culture and its more than 600 experts in digital business.

As members of the Futurice family of companies, we utilise modern, proven working methods that have allowed us to deliver thousands of successful projects to clients around the world for already more than two decades.

We combine everything we have learned over the decades with a big dose of the Microsoft expertise of our experienced employees. This creates a workplace where both current and future talent has room to grow and thrive.

Got intrigued?

If freedom and autonomy, low hierarchy, fair compensation, modern ways of working, continuous learning and talented co-workers make you shine, let’s get on with it!

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