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Cloud & Data supporting your company

In the turmoil of the future, organisations will have to overcome many challenges that the winds of change will blow their way. The need to modernise concerns us all, and the keys to staying ahead of the game lie in data and its interpretation, and in proper, full cloud adoption. We want to face this challenge together to build a better, more sustainable world.

Technology in itself does not solve any problems. We specialise in implementing modern, secure application development and data projects on Azure using the best methods in the industry. Meltlake is an experienced Microsoft partner who can make even the wildest Azure-related projects come true. We have the will and the passion to change the world, one system and one organisation at a time. We help organisations capitalise on the opportunities provided by the cloud so that they can thrive in the global turmoil.

Get more out of your cloud

Our service covers all the steps that your organisation will take on its cloud journey. We turn your ambitions into reality, from strategy to administrative model, from cloud adoption to its proper management, and from application development to secure data platforms.


Utilise the opportunities offered by Azure as your data platform

The scalability and the latest data services features of a public cloud guarantee that your data will always be safe and accessible and help you make important decisions.


Enjoy the benefits of DevOps and modern application development

A global cloud platform and an agile development model in one, combining the organisation, processes and technology to produce customer-oriented, winning solutions to meet the needs of your business.


Enable service migration and modernisation

Thanks to the public cloud, giving up the old has never been easier. A flexible, efficient cloud platform can solve any problem that you may have with an old IT environment.


Build a better cloud with industry best practices

Our guiding principles in everything we do are Cloud Adoption Framework and Well-Architected Framework. The industry best practices combined with years of experience guarantee the best possible outcome at all times.

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